Where to find a professional air cooler mould manufacturer?

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Where to find a professional air cooler mould manufacturer?


We are a professional air cooler mould manufacturer in china mould city-huangyan,taizhou.we have over 15 years for making plastic injeciton moulds,such like plastic household and furniture mould,air cooler mould,battery box mould,toilet seating cover mould.

About Air Cooler Mould,we have confidence to say we are the air cooler mould expert.each year,we make over 20set air cooler moulds for customers,and our mainly order are return orders from old customers.Normally,as a air cooler company ,customer need at least 5 set injection machines from small to big,the mould cost also not a small amount,so customers usually will looking for many suppliers to compare and choose,and usually ,air cooler part drawing sent by customer.so,to choose a mould supplier,the quality and experience is the most important thing,many details need to consider.

We are honored to be the old supplier for customers,that means our quality wins customer admire.but mould is not only a product,it is a tool,like a car,different driver have different judge ,fresh driver and experienced driver all have different feeling,so we are patient to cooperate,we will guide customer how to handle it.if faced problem,we will guide to solve.it is a team work,we always take the positive action.

Air cooler as a season product,the timing is very important,Dont worry,we can achieve it.Recently,we are working out 2 set air cooler mould within 45days,T0 sample tested out and assembly very good.under our rich experience, we give customer feedback about details and solution to fix before sending sample,reduced time to waiting feedback.

Attached some mould pictures for your reference about our air cooler moulds.any inquries,please whatsapp me or email me.

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