successful to make 37L 65L bucket mould with hot runner

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Cathy Cai unknown publish:2022-01-12 17:27:03  

Recently we are making 37L 65L bucket mould for North America customer.

Usually for the bucket mould,we usually use cold runner,but customer said need use hot runner to reduce time to cut gate.

After making mould flow analyse,we found even customer plastic raw material MFI is 40,still hard flow for 65L if use point gate,hot we suggested customer,for the 37L bucket body mould,use one point hot runner,for the 65L bucket body mould.if use one point hot runner big gate ,also need to cut the gate by hand,but will be much short and easy cut.Then dont it,and tested very good.

T0 sample of 37L &65L Bucket Mould

This is This is the gate for 37L bucket body,no need to cut gate.

This is the gate for 65L bucket body,only small and short gate.

Mould processing

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